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Media cooperation:

Your Car with Abdul haq channel has continued to achieve success since 2016 until now, whether in terms of content provided on cars and their maintenance, or any media cooperation with sponsoring companies, which is a fruitful cooperation for those requesting this service, and an effective way to reach more viewers .
Where the media cooperation is based on explaining the idea of ​​the product, the system in which the product operates, or just an exclusive sponsorship only in the form of an episode on the YouTube channel and publishing it on Abdul haq’s social media platforms.

Advantages of cooperation with Abdul Haq

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Studies & Consultations:

The outcome of more than 30 years of integrated experience and scientific management was a major reason for achieving success and profits in projects and maintenance centers, which were supervised by Abdul Haq.
We will help you to overcome the administrative and financial problems you face in the maintenance centers, whether by studying the idea of ​​the facility as a whole and making suggestions, or by training the technical team, or any internal organization, or sales.

Advantages of Studies and Consultations with Abdul Haq

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